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Research and Development (“R&D”) tax relief

R&D tax relief is a significantly beneficial tax relief available to any UK company seeking to improve their products or production processes through an advance in science or technology. In our experience, many businesses do not realise the full scope and potential of the relief, and so fail to claim all they could, or even fail to make a claim at all!

We seek to provide an R&D review that adds value to you, rather than just processing numbers. The claim we can produce for you would be in the form of a full report, detailing the methodology behind the claim and explaining the qualifying projects. Our claims are prepared in a format that we know from experience is preferred by HMRC and our excellent working relationships with HMRC result in successful, timely and cost efficient agreement of claims.

Our services range from R&D tax advisory at the inception of projects or support through the Advanced Assurance process, through to the preparation of detailed R&D reports and subsequent negotiations with HMRC.

In particular, we have an excellent reputation with HMRC, and can act as highly credible advocates for you in working with HMRC to agree initial claims, and a subsequent process for future years. Unlike some other consultancies, we combine the deep financial and tax expertise to analyse the rules and help you to apply them to your own situation.


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